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On August 6, 2003, Pfizer announced that it was joining GlaxoSmithKline in attempting to cut off the supply of prescription drugs to pharmacies in Canada who sell to customers in the United States. As was the case with Glaxo, this action by Pfizer will periodically result in delays in our ability to fill orders for Pfizer products and there may be shortages of certain products for limited periods of time. Additionally, these actions by the pharmaceutical companies to prevent U.S. citizens from exercising their right to purchase less expensive Canadian drugs will result in varying price increases on the drugs manufactured by these companies.

     Please be assured that, in spite of these developments, Canadian Meds USA will continue to serve its customers and do everything it can to help you save money on your prescription drugs. Canadian Meds USA and Total Care Pharmacy are working together to keep the prices as low as possible and to fill your orders efficiently. Our primary goal will always be to deliver both outstanding customer service and significant savings on your prescription drug orders.

     An important step that you can take to help us in our efforts to continue serving you is to email, write or call your representatives in the U.S. Congress and ask for their support regarding the right of U.S. citizens to purchase their prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. One way to do this is to use the “Contact Congress” link on the home page of the Canadian Meds USA website.

     Thank you for your support!


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