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Find Prescription Drug Pricing

It is easy to search for prescription drugs from our Canadian pharmacies. You can search two ways:

  1. By keyword(s) - enter the prescription drug name in the search box where it says "Enter Drug Name". 
    Do not enter numbers (strength or quantity) this may cause your medication to not be found.

  2. Alphabetically - Type in the letter that the drug starts with. You will obtain a more precise result if you 
    type in the first few letters of the drug name.


Search by medication name

Problems finding your medication?

If you cannot find the medication you are looking for please contact us to see if we can help you.


Ready to Order?


Go to the Order Forms page and either download the forms or fill them out online.


Send the Internet pharmacy your prescription(s) either by email, fax (toll free 1-877-807-4831) or mail. To guarantee the timely processing of your order, all prescriptions should be submitted in English. The authenticity of all prescriptions will be verified.

Complete ordering details can be found here, including mail order instructions.

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