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Lupron Depot (Prescription)

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Drug Name and Strength

Generic Name

Price per Kit

Lupron Depot 
(22.5 mg/vial) inj kit
Luprolide Acetate


$1,125.16 37%
Lupron Depot 
(11.25 mg/vial) inj kit
Luprolide Acetate


$952.14 37%

 Lupron Depot 
(7.5 mg/vial) inj kit

Luprolide Acetate




 Lupron Depot 
(3.75 mg/vial) inj kit

Luprolide Acetate



 Lupron Depot 
(30 mg/vial) inj kit
Luprolide Acetate




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Room temperature storage for Lupron Depot is advised. Be sure not to keep each vial or Lupron past the expiration date.
Doctor's ordering for their patients will receive an additional 5% of the retail price.
Patients can have their orders sent to their doctor's office with the doctor's approval.

Lupron Depot is a member of a class of drugs known as luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogs, also called LH-RH analogs. It works by shutting down testosterone—the primary fuel for hormone-dependent cancerous cells—produced by the testicles.

Leuprolide is similar to a hormone normally released from the hypothalamus gland.

When given regularly to men and boys, leuprolide decreases testosterone levels. Reducing the amount of testosterone in the body is one way of treating cancer of the prostate.

When given regularly to women and girls, leuprolide decreases estrogen levels. Reducing the amount of estrogen in the body is one way of treating endometriosis. By shrinking tumors in the uterus, Lupron Depot helps stop anemia by decreasing the vaginal bleeding from these tumors. Iron supplements should be used to help treat the anemia.

When given to boys and girls experiencing early puberty, Lupron Depot slows down the development of the genital areas in both sexes and breast development in girls. This medicine delays puberty in a child only as long as the child continues to receive it.

Suppressing estrogen can cause thinning of the bones or slowing of their growth. This is a problem for adult women whose bones are no longer growing like the bones of children. Slowing the growth of bones is a positive effect in girls and boys whose bones grow too fast when puberty begins too early. Boys and girls may benefit by adding inches to their adult height when Lupron Depot helps their bones grow at the proper and expected rate for children.

Lupron Depot is an injection that gives you and your physician the convenient choice of three dosage forms: once every 4 months (30 mg), once every 3 months (22.5 mg), or once monthly (7.5 mg)

Common Uses of Lupron Depot

  • Management of endometriosis, including pain relief and reduction of endometriotic lesions
  • Palliative therapy for advanced prostatic cancer
  • Treatment of central precocious puberty

Lupron Depot - How Taken
Intramuscular injection


  • Administer Lupron Depot within 24 hours of reconstitution.
  • Give the injection only with the needles provided -do not use needles smaller than 22 gauge
  • You can store Lupron Depot at room temperature.
  • Administration

Symptom Relief

Side Effects of Lupron Depot

Before Using Lupron Depot

  • hot flashes, headache, vaginitis, depression, general pain, impotence, decrease testes size
  • Increased bone pain may occur at the start of prostate cancer therapy with Lupron Depot. Contact your physician for pain control medication.


  • Do not use Lupron Depot if you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant.
  • Do not use Lupron Depot if you are breast feeding

 The prices and terms set forth on this page regarding Lupron Depot are subject to change without notice. Please consult a Norphar representative for specific prices and terms for each medication.


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